Joe Phillips Warrior Archer Character Shoot

Joe, an aspiring actor and close friend, approached us about a character shoot for his portfolio. Instead of the usual straightforward headshot, we opted to go all out for a full character study. This better shows the actors potential to portray a certain look. Character shoots offer actors the ability to create a body of work in a short period of time that they can then pair with their film work to show greater versatility; something very valuable in the entertainment industry.

So… a bottle of lighter fluid, several arrows, a bow, and 36 smoke grenades later this is what we came up with.

Joe Archery_001

Joe Archery_002

Joe Archery_003

Joe Archery_004

Joe Archery_005

Joe Archery_006

Joe Archery_007

Joe Archery_008

Joe Archery_009

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