Cowboy Kid

We had a conceptual idea awhile back, and knew we just had to make it happen. For months I wanted to create this, but didn’t have the means.

Finally when we travelled cross country to pick up the Mammoth Camera for our Execution project we had the chance. We located a Wild West town in Chandler AZ and secured a cowboy actor, JP, for the shoot. We had quite a number of issues trying to track down the perfect kid for the shoot, going from agency to agency with problems all around. Then finally I asked the PR person, Laurie, from Rawhide if she knew of anyone. Ziggy fell into our laps. The exact, perfect, and awesome kid we had been looking for for weeks (this was 1 day before the shoot). Ziggy and JP were awesome to work with. This was one of the most fun creative shoots we’ve ever done. Our friends/assistants for the shoot Steve Trevathan and Kayte Darling were present for the shoot working lighting as well as doing a bit of filming.

The shoot took place in the harsh Arizona sun, which was perfect for the look and atmosphere we were going for.

Check out the images from the shoot!

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